Spring Loans Special

Welcome to All Seasons Pawn, where we provide a safe and reliable solution for your short-term cash needs. Our pawn shop has been serving the community since 1996, offering a range of services to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

One of our main priorities at All Seasons Pawn is the safety and security of your items. We use tamper-proof, serial-numbered, one-time-use bags to keep your jewelry loans safe. These bags are sealed in front of you and reopened in front of you to ensure the integrity of your items.

California regulates all pawn loans which establishes a 4-month period for all loans with an additional 10 days to notify the pawn customers. California also regulates the charges establishing the maximums that can be charged for all loans under $2,500.00 dollars. At All Seasons our established rates are below the State’s maximums. For our valued customers we offer special discounted loans. Our low 1% interest loan is available for all loans under $1,000. These loans have a short-term option of 1 month, for this first period, the interest is capped at 1% of the amount borrowed, making it a convenient and affordable option for our customers. Our loans are 5 months long, which includes a 4-month term and a 30-day grace period.

We want to keep our customers, not their items. We understand the value of your belongings and do our best to provide additional time and a safe and secure environment for your items.

At All Seasons Pawn, we offer burglary-resistant safes to provide the highest level of security possible. Our locations are also equipped with video surveillance 24 hours a day to further ensure the safety of your items.

One of our locations is open 7 days a week, almost 360 days a year, making it convenient for you to visit us when you need to. All loans are funded immediately in cash, we also offer checks, and wire transfers, to make sure you receive your loan in the way that works best for you.

Choose All Seasons Pawn with two locations Pacoima Pawn in Pacoima and Diamond Jim in Pasadena for a reliable and secure solution to your short-term cash needs. Our commitment to providing excellent service and ensuring the safety of your items makes us the best choice for your pawn needs.

Business closeup of two hands exchanging dollars on grey background.